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Logan, Hazel, Inka and Bramble’s Story

Sarah had four dogs, a border collie and three Jack Russell terriers, and she wanted them photographed at Grove Vets New Mills at High Peak.

About the shoot
The more the merrier, at least in this instance. The aim of this in-vet shoot was to get a good photo of each dog individually, then a great one of the four together. This is no mean feat, and as Logan the border collie was known to be a nervous dog, things could have got tricky.

Our photographer, Robert, quickly put both hound and human at ease, rattling through the individual shots with ease before moving onto the group photo. We tried several different angles, constantly showing Sarah the images to make sure she was happy, and the end result was one of our favourite group shots we’ve ever taken.

Rob is a true professional, gifted with both animals and photography, a combination which makes for magical images of your family pets, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone!


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